6 Question Words

Background Review

We’ll look at the 6 important question words 

– very useful for conversations







First let’s review this basic sentence:

vo pizza kha-ti hai = She eats a pizza







replace vo with Sita (name of woman)

Sita pizza kha-ti hai = Sita eats a pizza

You Try...

She see a movie (dekh) = vo…

Sita sees a movie (dekh) = S…


kahaa = where


pronounced like kuh-HAH

sounds like “aha!”








We put kahaa in the 2nd place:

Sita kahaa movie dekh-ti hai? = Sita sees the movie – where?  








no “does” in Hindi

Sita kahaa ja-ti hai? = where does Sita go?



You Try...

Sita eats pizza where? (kha) = Sita…

Radha speaks Hindi where? (bol) = 


kab = when



pronounced like kuh-B

sounds like “cub”






Like kahaa…

We put kab in the 2nd place:

Sita kab movie dekh-ti hai? = Sita sees the movie when?  






Sita kab ghar aa-ti hai = When does Sita come home?

You Try...

Sita goes to the office when? (ja) = Sita…

When does Amit make tea? (banaa) = 


kyo = why


Same rule: put kyo in 2nd place









Amit kyo pizza bana-ta hai? = Why does Amit make pizza?





Radha kyo office ja-ti hai? = Why does Radha go to the office?


You Try...

Why does Rohit play guitar (baja)? = Rohit…

Why does Priya ask the question (pooch)? = 


kaise = how



Put kaise in second place:

aap kaise hai? = How are you?


kaise is gendered:


for women:

vo kaisi hai = How is she?









for men:

vo kaisa hai = How is he?

You Try...

How is mom? = ma…

How is Rohit? = 


kya = what



we replace the answer with the kya:

Amit song sun-ta hai = Amit hears a song







Amit kya sun-ta hai = Amit hears what?








aap kya bol-te hai? = What do you speak?



You Try...

She watches what? (dekh) = vo…

What do you eat? (kha) =


kaun = who




Again, we replace the answer with the question:

Suraj soccer khel-ta hai = Suraj plays soccer






kaun soccer khel-ta hai = Who plays soccer?







*  unknown gender and masculine singular are same


You Try...

Who speaks Hindi? (bol) = k…

Who makes lunch? (banaa) = 


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