Present Tense

Background Review

Let’s review:




 vo movie dekh-ti hai = She watches a movie


You Try...

She eats pizza (kha) = vo…

For Males

For males change the ti to ta





vo pizza kha-ti hai becomes…

vo pizza kha-ta hai = He eats pizza




*vo = she or he








vo song sun-ta hai = He hears a song

You Try...

He sees a movie (dekh) = vo…

He speaks Hindi (bol) = 

They (women)

vo = she/he becomes…

ve = they (all genders)






For all women, replace vo with ve:


ve question pooch-ti hai = They ask a question









ve Hindi bol-ti hai = They speak Hindi











*hai is actually hai(n).

There is a very slight nasalization for plurals and we will cover it in detail in the future.

You Try...

They see a movie (dekh) = ve…

They make coffee (banaa) =

They (for men)

For masculine:


ta becomes te







ve movie dekh-te hai = They see a movie

ve chai bana-te hai = They make tea


You Try...

They come home (aa) = ve…

They play soccer (khel) = 

Mixed Gender Plurals

Good news! Like in French, Spanish and many other languages…





Mixed Gender is same as the Masculine Gender





ve Hindi bol-te hai = They speak Hindi 




can mean:

Women and men in a group speak Hindi


Only men speak Hindi

You Try...

They make tea (banaa) = ve…


We is easy….






ham = we 





“We” uses the same conjugation as “they”








ham roti kha-ti hai = we (women) eat roti 







men or mixed group:

ham movie dekh-te hai = we watch a movie







You Try...

For women:

We (women) speak Hindi (bol) = ham…






For men:

We hear a song (sun) = 

You (plurals)

“You” conjugation is also the same…





When talking to women:

aap Hindi bol-ti hai = You speak Hindi





When talking to men or mixed group:

aap Hindi bol-te hai = You speak Hindi











important rule: if you don’t know the gender, use te

aap Hindi bol-te hai = You speak Hindi




You Try...

When talking to women:

You play soccer (khel) = aap…




When talking to men:

You make pizza (banaa) = aap…

Exception: You (for 1 man)

even when addressing a single man, we will use te



aap sun-ta hai = You hear (incorrect)

aap sun-te hai = You hear (correct)


You Try...

When talking to 1 man:

You eat dosa (kha) = aap…

You make pizza (banaa) = 


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