Present Tense

Basic Hindi sentence

Let’s look at this sentence:



I am Ash

mai Ash hu






*written as:

I Ash am 

You Try...

I am ___ = 

I am...

for emotions:



mai happy hu = I am happy




mai excited hu = I am excited




*happy = khush

You Try...

I am OK (theek) = mai…

I am ready (taiyyar) = 

Activities (Verbs)

Let’s see how to say: I watch a movie



In Hindi, dekh = see




mai  dekh-ti hu  (ladies)

mai dekh-ta hu  (gents)





sun = hear





mai sun-ti hu = I hear (ladies)

mai sun-ta hu (gents)




You Try...

I eat (kha) = mai…

I speak (speak) =

Add the object

Add movie like this…

mai  movie  dekh-ti hu = I see a movie







Hindi logic: I movie see


  • verb at end


  • no “a”






mai  song  sun-ti hu = I hear a song

You Try...

I ask a question (pooch) = mai…

I eat pizza (kha) = 


vo = she

hai = is






mai happy hu  becomes  vo happy hai






vo happy hai = she is happy






vo doctor hai = she is a doctor

You Try...

She is ready (taiyyar) = vo…

She is a singer = 

She (activites)

mai movie dekh-ti hu becomes




vo movie dekh-ti hai = she sees a movie





vo song sun-ti hai = she hears a song


You Try...

She speaks Hindi (bol) = vo…

She eats a roti (kha) = 


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