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Namaste fellow Hindi speakers and learners!

I’m Ash, the founder of Hello-Hindi. I have been enthusiastically teaching how to speak Hindi in New York City, and also online, for the past seven years.

We’re here to enable everybody with the most efficient and fun way to learn Hindi and  to converse in it.

If you have any difficulty regarding learning Hindi drop us a line. I will personally see to it that ALL your difficulties are resolved and that you are all set on your path to learn and to LOVE Hindi!


In 2002, I came to New York City from Mumbai to study finance at Columbia University. New York City was fun and I am thankful I came here because here I found the love of my life, Yuri, in 2009. 

Back then I thought I knew how to teach Hindi because I had taught Hindi to support myself while I studied at the university. But that illusion was soon to be shattered as my wife, who is born and raised in Japan, had question after question about Hindi grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic usage. She is a serious learner and really tore into me when I bungled up grammar explanations! 

After extensive research, I finally hit upon the right method of teaching where you introduce Hindi speaking rules and then jump right into “the jaws of the tiger”! In other words, you begin speaking Hindi immediately and fearlessly in an extremely incorrect and ungrammatical manner with people of similar skill. As you continue speaking in this manner, your ears start catching the nuances of Hindi, and you improve your grammar intuitively. Within a few months, you realize you are ACTUALLY speaking Hindi with full confidence! 

Gradually, I started teaching this method to people around me who were interested in Hindi, and within a few years I started free workshops and paid classes to interested folks. Eventually I started teaching children (my most challenging and most rewarding experience in teaching) to speak and understand Hindi fluently.

Today, our students are spread all over the world conversing in Hindi, making new friends, and appreciating its contribution to world culture, cuisine and spirituality


The cornerstone of our teaching is that learning Hindi is for everybody. 

We provide a fun and relaxing environment to Hindi lovers of all ages to practice and master Hindi. You can do this either locally or in the convenience of your own home!

Below are our four guiding principles that make this possible.

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